Biketour-Shortfilm #3 – ACROBATICS

Ecotopia Biketour is a self-organised, international community that has been organising a yearly bicycle tour in different regions of Europe since 1990.
In this video the participants try the freakbikes of Radi Vidi Pats in Latvia. Different varieties of tallbikes or a tandem where you cycle face to face are pretty strange cycling-expieriences. Or other balance and body control challenges such as pushing another cyclist with the fully loaded trailer up a super steep hill. Or just turnig in circles.
Music by: AWOTT(the beaty one, ) and Trio EMM (the traditional one, )

Picking a circuit for the dynamo-powered USB port

On the Spring Meeting, we did some experiments with different types of dynamo-powered USB ports: Once with a high-dropout DC-DC convertor, once with a low-dropout DC-DC convertor, once with a Zener diode, once with a step-down convertor (an old one, I don’t know which model it is, it cost around 10 €) Once with a double 3300 µF capacitor for boost (as described here), once without Once with a silicon rectifier, once with one made of Schottky diodes We connected these regulators to a Shimano DH-3N30 hub dynamo, and connected a 10 Ω resistor that should simulate the charging device (500 mA at…

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Things out of trash and DIY stuff on my bike

The light When I cycle with luggage, I usually have a box on my rack that I can use for stuff that needs to stay dry but easy to access. I particularly use it for electronic devices, there is a small solar panel on it and it is connected to the dynamo charger (more about that below). On the box, there is also an old high-vis that I cut up and wrapped around it for more visibility in the night or in tunnels. On my rack, I have a back light that is powered by the dynamo, but when I pull…

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