Ecotopia-Short-Film #2

But also we realised, that so far, filming wasn’t considered in our photosharing-concept. For some people it is a big difference whether they are filmed and then appear online or if it’s just photos of them. So we added another option about filming to the sheet, that is passed around during the tour.

How to get a group of cyclists into Belarus

As you might have read in our belarus border chaos blog post, getting into Belarus wasn’t easy for us, and our visa application was rejected several times, and then we were rejected on the border several times. When we were preparing the tour, we were not finding a lot of information on how to do this, and the information that we found was often contradictory or simply wrong. Even the border police of Belarus themselves often gave us wrong information or didn’t know how things work. So here is the ultimate guide on how to get a group of cyclists into…

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Links #8: Cycling Kung Fu Nuns, Fancy Women on Bikes, Undriving License, Reclaim the Fields Assembly, AllCyclistsAreBeautiful-Blog

Hundreds of Kung Fu Buddhist nuns are biking the Himalayas to oppose human trafficking Thousands of ‘Fancy Women on Bikes’ defy intimidation to claim the streets of Turkey make your undriving license and don’t use cars Reclaim-the-Fields Europe Assembly in Freiburg 18th to 22nd of January 2017 DIY-Cycling-Blog of Biketour-Participants, amongst others in Winter in northern Scandinavia And these awesome things appeared in the archive of social movements in vienna:

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