What to bring?

Theoretically, you can join without anything (naked!) and find things on the way. But there are some things that are pretty useful to have on the Biketour. We made a list, in case you want to get prepared a bit (the first points of each category are the most important ones):

Bike stuff

  • A bicycle – for more info look at the other FAQs
  • Panniers to carry your stuff in, carrying a backpack is no fun at all! Although you can also attach it to your bike. You can also build panniers yourself. >check
  • Puncture repair kit, spare tubes in the right size, bike pump
  • Other spare parts for your bike, like spokes with correct size for your wheel, brake shoes etc. special tools
  • Bikelights, back and front (we try not to cycle in the dark, but if we do – cars will NOT expect you. There might also be tunnels!)
  • A bike lock (and key for it!)
  • A bike helmet if you want (in some countries it is unfortunately mandatory)

Sleeping equipment

  • A tent (it’s usually possible to share… try to manage this beforehand on the mailing list, though often you can find a place spontaneously)
  • Sleeping bag & mat

Everyday stuff

  • Water container, it’s gonna be hot so this one is important! (min. 1 litre) But its also very easy to find bottles anywhere
  • Plate or Bowl, cup & cutlery
  • waterproof lunchbox
  • A sharp knife
  • A flashlight/torch, ideally a headlight
  • Sun cream, sunglasses, long sleeved shirts, hat
  • Waterproof jacket
  • (Cycling) clothes for all types of weather (but take as little clothes as possible), bright/strong/reflective clothes handy to ‘be noticed’ by motorized traffic. We oftentimes find loads of clothes on our way or/and pass by freeshops where you can equip your gardarobe
  • Medication you (might) need
  • Organic (biodegradable/non-polluting) soap, shampoo and toothpaste (We can also try to buy bigger collective amounts)
  • If your devices need batteries, bring rechargeable ones. (We’ll try to have a collective charger for the whole tour)
  • some herbs & spices you like

Bureaucracy and immaterial stuff

  • Valid ID (like a passport; check the requirements for people with your citizenship for every country you will go through!)
  • You might need a Visa
  • Money – suggested donation€ 3-5 per day for the collective Biketour budget, and you might want to buy stuff yourself. If you don’t have that much money or none at all you are welcome as well
  • workshop ideas, things/skills that you want to share and the tools/materials/info you might need for it

Additionally there are some collective things we need, take a look at this list on our wiki and add yourself to the things you can bring along. If you think we forgot something important, just add it to the list yourself!

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