Can I join without my own bike?

Yes! In that case you should write to the organising team well in advance. We will put you in contact with the local bikekitchens or ask the projects we will visit for a bike for you. If you have the time to arrive early enough, there are some in most big cities where you can try to build a bike cheaply or for a donation. In the past some participants have built their own bicycle out of recycled parts and gave them away at the end of the tour.

On previous years some people bought cheap-crappy bikes and later the group had to help them out a lot. A used bike is in most cases better than a new one.

It is also possible to share one bicylce between two or more persons along the route: Maybe someone takes the tour from point A to B, so that you could arrange to take over the bike from point B to C. For that you should register and write to the mailing-list you will be added to.

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