ECOTOPIA BIKETOUR 2023 – Route – Equipment – Call for Support

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hellooo everyone!

this is the *official* announcement of the ecotopia biketour 2023!
the main region this year will be in romania. more route infos below.
the orga has shrunk a lot since the winter meeting and we need your help with some stuff!

first of all, REGISTRATION on our website is OPEN! you don’t have to register. but if you do it helps us to know how many people we will be at what time.
you can also give us some useful information there such as an emergency contact, food allergies and if you need help with finding a bicycle.
you can register here:

there is also a signal group for on-tour communication. if you’ve already registered or you’re quite sure you’ll join the tour you can join the chat with this link:

second of all, some (very rough!) dates and places:
26.06. – start of the preparation in Welten, Austria
30.06. – START OF THE TOUR in Welten, Austria (QINTAW only (queer, inter, non-binary, trans, agender, women and everyone questioning their gender and/or sexuality))
06.07. – arrival in Ljubliana for the Day 0 of the Balkan Anarchist Bookfair (
07.-09.07. – Balkan Anarchist Bookfair in Ljubliana (
15.-17.07. – Zagreb
28.-30.07 – Novi Sad
— from 28th of July on EVERYONE – including endosex hetero cis men – is WELCOME! —
02.-04.08. – Belgrade
08.-10.08. – visting but maybe not being hosted by Centru Social Iedera / Spatiul Armonia in Timișoara (
21.-24.08. – Ⓐcasă in Cluj (
27.-29.08. – Ermiaj Malin (
04.-06.09. – Sleeping Place near Sibiu
13.09. – arrival at Buruiana and Filaret 16 in Bucarest (, (
Mid Septmeber – END OF THE TOUR in Bucarest

you can see the routing and the progress we’re making with project-contacting on this map:

as you might have noticed: there are still some holes in our plan project-wise. there are quite some projects we have contacted but never got an answer. maybe you can help us? if you have any direct contacts to one of the following projects, please let us know! (also if you know any other cool places/groups in the region that we could try to contact)

– in zagreb: Zelena Akcija (
#MAZ (
– in novi sad: studentski kulturni centar novi sad (
Ekokurir ( or CK13 (
– in belgrade: AKAB Okretnica
Self-education University ‘Svetozar Marković’
bike kitchen belgrade (bike kitchen belgrade)
– in timișoara: a space that can host all of us if we’re a bigger group

another thing we might need help with:
– a good bit of our equipment is in berlin. this includes some big pots, other cooking equipment and tools.
are you coming to the start of the tour from berlin? are you travelling between berlin and austria sometime before the start of the tour?
if yes, and if you could imagine transporting some equipment, please let us know!
(there’s also still one good trailer lost somewhere in dublin. ^^ if you have knowledge about that one or even a way to transport it let us know ;)
– also, we still need two communal phones. if you have an old (functioning) smartphone lying around that you could donate to the tour, we’d appreciate it a lot! send us a text, then we can figure out a way to get it to the start of the tour.

also, knowledge needed:
– we are cooking with gas and/or liquid fuels this year. this decision has been made to reduce the hazard of creating wildfires with rocket stove-cooking. we are trying to figure out what’s the best solution here. have you ever cooked outside for a lot of people (up to 50 portions)? do you have any recommendations what stoves to use? and do you know which gas bottles can be exchanged and reused in romania, serbia, croatia and slowenia? (smaller-sized gas bottles – up to 5kg)
liquid fuels or gas? what’s easier to transport by bicycle and safer to use?
any info is very welcome!

if you want to offer help with anything send us an e-mail to

we’re looking forward to cycling together this summer!
the ecotopia biketour collective

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