Ecotopia 2023 sets off!

On June 30th Ecotopia will embark on a two and a half month journey to Bucharest (Romania), starting in Welten (Austria). The past few days have been a preparation period, where we have been gathering to get everything ready for the tour. Tomorrow we’ll be joined by some people from around the area to create a Critical Mass, going from Welten to the lake Ledavsko Jezero in Slovenia!

And also here are some updates!

The project in Welten has been hosting an event in June that left behind this muddy pond from a pond-digging action. When we arrived some of us joined in, stomping down clay at a fun and exhausting pond-party.

However we still had to take care of serious stuff: the main event of the preparation week was fixing up the trailers. Wheels had to be stabilized, attachments improvised and frames and boxes safely attached. And of course there were also some last minute bike troubles. This year’s preparation has a thing for derailed problems. Today is the last day to get our bikes at least rideable!

And while we’re still waiting for this year’s specialty – Multi Fuel Cookers that will reduce the risk of starting a wildfire in a dry summer – we’re making do with our old but formidable rocket stoves in Welten.

And one more technical update: communal phone numbers will be published soon! One phone is already set up, the other one will hopefully be arriving soon. We’ll buy sim cards as soon as we are in Slovenia.

See you soon!

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