What do I have to keep in mind for safe, easy cycling during the Biketour?

  • As you carry all things by yourself you should think twice about what you bring (“I always bring too many clothes!”).
  • It’s helpful to bring with you some basic first aid medicine, sun protection and a hat.
  • Prepare your bike as much as possible and try to use it, fully loaded, a few times before the start of Biketour as that’s how you will avoid pain in the muscles in the first days.
  • Bring front and back lights – in the countryside there is often no street lighting.
  • If you feel more safe wearing a helmet bring it.
  • Try to cycle with people who cycle same pace as you, or who are more experienced.
  • Don’t cycle at the edge of the road but more than one meter away from it, that’s how drivers will notice you in good time and you will always have more time and space to run from those who don’t.
  • Learn how to signal to others what you intend to do and how to use roads safely. Find road safety tips here.
  • Bring a bike bell or horn, you will need it for many things.
  • It’s good to always keep some snacks with you and some warm clothes.
  • When carrying a trailer ride particularly carefully – don’t underestimate how much it can get you off-balance in curves and/or down-hill.
  • Pack the weight in a low position both on your bicycle and especially on the trailers, this will give you better the balance and thus easier/safer riding.
  • Maintain your bike: Check your brakes and brake pads, pump up your tires and oil your chain regularly.

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