Route (2023)

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This is the route for 2023!

On the days in between the fixed places we usually find sleeping places spontaneously. If you want to join on a particular day, please contact us to find out our exact location.

Date Place Notes
26 June Welten Preparation
30 June Welten START of the Tour!
6-9 July Ljubljana Balkan Anarchist Bookfair
15-17 July Zagreb Postaja Squat
28-30 July Novi Sad
2-4 August Belgrade
8-10 August Timişoara Centrul Iedera
21-24 August Cluj Ⓐcasă
27-29 August Malin Ermitaj Malin
4-6 September Sibiu
13 – Mid September Bucharest Grădina Buruiană/Filaret 16

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