Route (2016)

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This is an approximate schedule for the route. Dates may still change.


Dates: Sun June 5
Meeting Point: 11:00, Prinzessinnengarten, Moritzplatz, Kreuzberg (GPS: 52.5032,13.4109)

  • Fahrradsternfahrt: The biggest bike demo in the world is passing by Moritzplatz at 12:05. The bike demo starts in 19 different locations, and all the different parts of the demo cycle towards Brandenburger Tor in the centre in the shape of a spiral, uniting on the way (map). After arriving at Brandenburger Tor, we will start cycling towards Warsaw.


Dates: arrival Wed Jun 08 (evening), departure Fri Jun 10 (morning)
Sleeping place: Rozbrat, social centre squatted since 1994.
Places to visit:

  • Zemsta anarchistyczna klubokawiarnia: Anarchist bookshop and art space. Ul. Fredry 5 61-701 Poznan Poland (GPS: 52.4088,16.9204)


Dates: arrival Tue June 14, departure Sat June 18 (morning)
Sleeping place: Radical Allotment Gardens (ROD)

  • Apply for Belarus visa
  • Rocket stove workshop
  • Info talk about the Biketour at Syrena squat
  • Visit an info talk about activist trying to preserve Białowieża Forest at Syrena squat
  • Join a demonstration against the proposed anti-abortion law

Białowieża Forest

Sleeping place: Private host in Hajnówka
Dates: arrival Fri June 24 (evening), departure Thu June 30 (morning)

Białowieża Forest is one of the last remaining original forests in Europe, home to 800 bisons, Europe’s heaviest land animal. Part of it is in Poland, part in Belarus.


  • Visit the forest
  • Receive the Belarus visas

Brest / Бресt

Dates: arrival Fri July 1 (evening), departure Mon July 4 (morning)
Sleeping place: Private host

  • Cycle tour around the city with RaDea bike club
  • Info meeting with people from Kryly Khalopa Theatre (free theatre, expressing a critical view on the surrounding reality, reaction to the political situation and a wish to join an art and activism), and Ecodom (NGO and information center in Brest focused on educational and cultural activities in the areas of environment, human health and sustainable development.)

Shanti Dom / Шанти Дом

Yoga farm with volunteering program

Dates: arrival Mon July 4 (evening), departure Thu July 7 (morning)

Minsk / Минск

Dates: arrival Thu Jul 7 (evening), departure Sun Jul 10 (morning)
Sleeping place: Wild-camping in the north-west of the city (just outside the motorway ring, close to the big lake)

  • Cycle tour through the city with people from Minsk Bike Society
  • Visit the Minsk Bike Kitchen
  • Meet up with local anarchists and visit the Rebel Studies Library (alternative educational co-operative, moving underground library)
  • Meet up with people from Fialta Youth Education Center (cultural association that has been of support for many radical comrades and initiatives)

Kamenitsa / Каменица

A community of 7 families that moved from city to village. Among them is a certified organic farmer who develops several projects. Also one developing permaculture homestead is placed there.

Dates: arrival Sun Jul 10 (evening), departure Wed Jul 13 (morning)

  • Workshop about edible herbs
  • Visit an abandoned bunker for nuclear weapons

Free days

Dates: arrival Wed Jul 13 (evening), departure Sat Jul 16 (morning)
Sleeping place: Lake “Kūlių Tv.” 25 km south-east of Vilnius

  • Workshop on gender
  • Group games


Dates: arrival Sat Jul 16 (evening), departure Wed Jul 20 (morning)
Sleeping place: Private host

SapfoFest queer summer festival

SapfoFest is the first independent community-initiated Festival in the Baltics, which seeks to connect and empower the queer community, fight prejudice and discrimination, as well as increase awareness and visibility of queers in Lithuania and the rest of Eastern Europe. It’s happening for the 4th time, from the 22nd to the 24th of June.

Dates: arrival Thu Jul 21 (evening), departure Mon Jul 25 (morning)
Address: Žeimiai Manor House, Draugystės 28, Jonava district, LT-55066, Lithuania (GPS: 55.1830, 24.2305)


Dates: arrival Mon Jul 25 (evening), departure Thu Jul 28 (morning)
Sleeping place: Kaunas Camping (first 2 nights), wild-camping (3rd night)

  • Visit Infokrautuvė (anarchist infoshop with falafel sale)
  • Bike fixing event with locals
  • Upcycling workshop day with Creative Corner 360°

Rest day

Dates: arrival Fri Jul 29 (evening), departure Sun Jul 31 (morning)
Sleeping place: Wild-camping on the Nemunas river

  • Group games
  • Wheel-truing workshop

Kuronian Spit

A unique strip of land made of dunes between Kaliningrad and Klaipėda.

Dates: arrival Thu Aug 02 (afternoon), departure Fri Aug 03 (afternoon)

  • Discussion about the future of the biketour


Dates: arrival Wed Aug 03 (evening), departure Sat Aug 06 (morning)
Sleeping place: Wild-camping on the beach


Dates: arrival Sun Aug 07 (evening), departure Wed Aug 10 (morning)
Sleeping place: Radi Vidi Pats, Vecā Ostmala 54, Liepaja (GPS: 56.5146, 21.0011)

Cita Abra

An old watermill that is being renovated into a cultural centre.

Dates: arrival Wed Aug 10 (evening), departure Sat Aug 13 (morning)
Address: Cīrava (GPS: 56.7363, 21.3843)

  • Fix Your Bike event


Town of bikes.

Dates: arrival Sun Aug 14 (evening), departure Wed Aug 17 (morning)
Sleeping place: Kūrava cultural centre, Baznīcas iela 34, Kuldīga (GPS: 56.97010,21.97477)

  • Visit Zabadaks (DIY culture centre)

Botānīgais Ecocommunities-Gathering

Dates: arrival Thu Aug 18 (afternoon), departure Sun Aug 21 (morning)
Sleeping place: on the festival, (GPS: 57.6828, 22.31751)
Activities: Skillsharing workshops, exhitions, info-talks


Dates: arrival Mon Aug 22 (evening), departure Wed Aug 24 (morning)
Sleeping place: Kreicbike

  • Visit Kaņepes Kultūras centrs (culture centre)
  • Visit Open Bikes (DIY bike workshop)
  • Visit Pārdaugavas Arhipelāgs (Community gardens (Transition Network) on the islands in the river in the centre)

Smiltenei un Latvijai

Eco farm

Dates: arrival Thu Aug 25 (evening), departure Sat Aug 27 (morning)
Address: Lejas Variceni, Smiltenes Novads, Smiltene, Vidzeme, LV-4729, Latvia (GPS: 57.4558,25.9632)

Parmu Ecovillage

Parmu Ecovillage (Parmu Ökoküla) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that exists to promote and foster a holistic approach to restoring the environment through regenerative farming, gardening and forestry.

Dates: arrival Sat Aug 27 (evening), departure Tue Aug 30 (morning)
Address: Tsirgumäe küla, Taheva vald, 68012 Valgamaa, Estonia (GPS approximate: 57.6031, 26.3428)


Dates: arrival Wed Aug 31 (evening), departure Fri Sep 02 (morning)
Sleeping place: Undecided

Väike Jalajälg

“We are a rather new eco-community, established 2 years ago and moved to our site at Mõisamaa village, Märjamaa county just 4 months ago. We are ca 10 adults and 6 children living on the land. Our community took over a former care home, with several buildings and 30 ha or land. So there are plenty of room to host such a big group as yours.” They hosted the Estonian Ecovillages gathering in 2015.

Dates: arrival Sun Sep 04 (evening), departure Wed Sep 07 (morning)
Address: Mõisamaa küla, Märjamaa vald, 78372 Raplamaa, Estonia (GPS: 58.8825, 24.5365)


“We are a young family (with two lovely kids) who are trying to start sustainable life in the beautiful Estonian countryside. We have travelled through Europe and would really welcome the world in our home!”

Dates: arrival Wed Sep 07 (evening), departure Fri Sep 09 (morning)
Address: Kõue (GPS: 59.0828,25.2307) (unsure)


Dates: arrival Fri Sep 09 (evening), departure Tue Sep 13 (morning)
Sleeping place: Undecided

  • Visit Ülase 12 (social centre)
  • Visit Kraam (artist space with freeshop)

Projekti kodu

“Mari and I have been living in the forest since March 2013 and love it! We are 100% off-grid and are enjoying the challenges that this brings as well as the empowerment of self-reliance it creates. We try to develop as sustainable as possible which for us means using natural & re-claimed materials. By keeping the environmental impact low, the costs low and the skills level required low – we believe that we and anyone else who chooses to live an off-grid life can do so!”

Dates: arrival Tue Sep 13 (evening) (unconfirmed)
Address: Raimiku (GPS: 59.5506,25.6734) (unsure)

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