2012 – Towards Degrowth

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In summer 2012 Ecotopia Biketour cycled through Catalunya, France and Italy and the project was hosted by Research and Degrowth. The theme was “towards degrowth” – challenging the damaging growth mentality of capitalism which currently dominates and overlooks real social and environmental values.

The tour began: 9th July, Can Masdeau, Barcelona, (See the Preparation weekend: 6-9th July) and travelled north over the Pyrenees, through southern France, across the Alps and into the Val di Susa, finally ending in Venice for the 3rd International Degrowth Conference (19th-23rd September).

Can Masdeau Preparation weekend, Catalunya

Ca la fou: Post Capitalist Eco-Industrial Colony, Catalunya

Biketour Presentation on La ZAD

Stop Growth - Start Cycling!

Degrowth workshop at Eourres, France

NO TAV Action, Venice

NO BIG SHIPS action, Venice

You can find planning information for this ride on the biketour wiki, and a day by day plan here.

To help us get to know places to visit we made this shared google map where we collected route ideas,  places, projects, action camps, DIY bike-workshops, ecovillages and other contacts that helped us to design the route.

You can access the daily blog posts from the Towards Degrowth ride here.


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