Winter Meeting (2020)

Our Winter Meeting will happen from Thursday, February 20 until Sunday, February 23 in Freiburg (Germany) in the KTS autonomous centre. You are welcome to join us for less days, if you want.

KTS Freiburg
Basler Strasse 103
79100 Freiburg

The Winter Meeting will be the first of our two physical preparation meetings for the Ecotopia Biketour 2020. We will look for interesting projects and based on it decide in which countries (central/southern/southeastern Europe) and which time frame the next tour will happen, analyse the last year tour and discuss our values and how to implement them, create flyers, posters and stickers to advertise the tour and make up a task list and a time line of what needs to be done, and have fun together! Anyone who is interested in meeting us and finding out how we organise is welcome to join, there is no obligation to take on any tasks afterwards.

If you need, we can refund your travel costs for joining the meeting. Please get in contact with us before booking any tickets, as our financial means are limited and we can only afford to refund the cheapest (sustainable) option.

If you want to join the meeting, please let us know by writing to During the meeting, we will be reachable by phone on this number: +49 157 84844802.

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