In this short film the Biketour cycles through Minsk in Belarus, where it is forbidden to ride your bike on the road! Mixed up with the different curiosities that crossed our way, such as a youth-brass-band on the beach or a bison in the polish forest.


In this video the participants try the freakbikes of Radi Vidi Pats in Latvia. Different varieties of tallbikes or a tandem where you cycle face to face are pretty strange cycling-expieriences. Or other balance and body control challenges such as pushing another cyclist with the fully loaded trailer up a super steep hill. Or just turnig in circles.

Music by: AWOTT(the beaty one, ) and Trio EMM (the traditional one, )

How to get a group of cyclists into Belarus

As you might have read in our belarus border chaos blog post, getting into Belarus wasn’t easy for us, and our visa application was rejected several times, and then we were rejected on the border several times. When we were preparing the tour, we were not finding a lot of information on how to do this, and the information that we found was often contradictory or simply wrong. Even the border police of Belarus themselves often gave us wrong information or didn’t know how things work. So here is the ultimate guide on how to get a group of cyclists into…

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Links #8: Cycling Kung Fu Nuns, Fancy Women on Bikes, Undriving License, Reclaim the Fields Assembly, AllCyclistsAreBeautiful-Blog

Hundreds of Kung Fu Buddhist nuns are biking the Himalayas to oppose human trafficking Thousands of ‘Fancy Women on Bikes’ defy intimidation to claim the streets of Turkey make your undriving license and don’t use cars Reclaim-the-Fields Europe Assembly in Freiburg 18th to 22nd of January 2017 DIY-Cycling-Blog of Biketour-Participants, amongst others in Winter in northern Scandinavia And these awesome things appeared in the archive of social movements in vienna:

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Hello world, this is Lukas writing to you. I’ll show you some drawings I made on the tour. I tried to find myself some trash to transform into art. Like old books or any piece of paper. “Out of trash!” As cycling is somehow the main thing on the biketour, I wanted to do drawings of this as well! So I had to draw while cycling… It was quiet a challenge because of the bumpy roads and the always moving models.

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Free Riga!

We reached the our first host in the latvian capital shortly before midnight after our hardcore cycling day. It was the Kreicbike-workshop. A place where loads of crazy custom- and freakbikes are built. Also motorized ones. It was an impressive place with tons of tools and equipment. They were also related to Radi Vidi Pats, the other freakbike-workshop we were visiting earlier in Liepaja. Unfortunately, here we didn’t feel as well as we did there. It was not a very comfy place to sleep and to hang out. And we were facing sexist and macho behaiviour by the guys using…

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