Ecotopia-Short-Film #2

But also we realised, that so far, filming wasn’t considered in our photosharing-concept. For some people it is a big difference whether they are filmed and then appear online or if it’s just photos of them. So we added another option about filming to the sheet, that is passed around during the tour.


Hello world, this is Lukas writing to you. I’ll show you some drawings I made on the tour. I tried to find myself some trash to transform into art. Like old books or any piece of paper. “Out of trash!” As cycling is somehow the main thing on the biketour, I wanted to do drawings of this as well! So I had to draw while cycling… It was quiet a challenge because of the bumpy roads and the always moving models.

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Free Riga!

We reached the our first host in the latvian capital shortly before midnight after our hardcore cycling day. It was the Kreicbike-workshop. A place where loads of crazy custom- and freakbikes are built. Also motorized ones. It was an impressive place with tons of tools and equipment. They were also related to Radi Vidi Pats, the other freakbike-workshop we were visiting earlier in Liepaja. Unfortunately, here we didn’t feel as well as we did there. It was not a very comfy place to sleep and to hang out. And we were facing sexist and macho behaiviour by the guys using…

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