Naked dogs, unasked helpful help, blahblah about blahblah and myself

The water, the lake, the rhythm. Breath in and laugh at the world.
Precooked plastic sealed quinoa taboulet. Also other food. Thanks dumpster.
The beach, the sun, the wind. Pedal up and keep pedaling up. Pedal up and keep pedaling up. Downhill thrill. But we can’t stay here, go on. Although it was a nice place as many others before. Just a constant humming noise from the factory disturbed the beach-lake-cyclist paradise. And maybe that the natural park contains pine and eucalyptus plantations. And windmills.
Us, a threat for their well-being. A cow stands next to the windmill, unable to escape. “It’s all-right”, one can project into their eyes “one gets used to it”. We’ll get used to it and never miss the landscape that was.
Pedal up, after the next turn, the hill must be over. You will be able to see, far away, the sea. No; actually not. How can a road still go up if you are already at the highest point? You catch up with someone pulling a trailer, struggling. “Let’s share that burden” Proposal; “Nay” Response “Your name was not there in the rota”. “Well, I met Olafa on the way, they were struggling, so I offered to share the task.” 
Sharing is caring. “Care for some peanut butter?”
“I would, but I lost my spoon.”
“It’s fine. Let’s carve a new one. Who’s got the tools? I’ve got the tools, the knowledge, the skill, the patience, the will. I will show you how to do it.”
“And what if I want to find out myself?”
Sharing is caring… to some extend. Imposed help is oppression. Unasked but helpful help is…?
“Let me help you, this way is better.”
“Why is it better?”
“Well, what I meant was: this is the way I do it, I have my reasons to do it this way. You can ask for advice or find out yourself.”
“OK. Maybe you can give me an advice and then I’ll try out myself.” (Myself, lost among strange yet kindred spirits. My self? Oh, here you are! Lost you for a minute).
My feet are in the cold water. Glittery sand in between my toes, wind, small waves. Maybe 10 years ago here was a mine. Now it is full of liquid, formerly water. The beach was a good deal, yet no one could get there. They thought the fence was closed. But it wasn’t. And anyways it had a huge hole. Still everything you do is illegal. Just how you exist. You can stay, we were told, until naked dogs and wild apes freaked them out. Let’s do it! Let’s sing! I’ll play the guitar and get a rock thrown to my face. You are worth nothing. You have no money? We don’t need you.
But some are different, they see that something else is possible. They always knew it but couldn’t believe it. Eyes glazing. “Wait, what? We can do that? If only I had known. OK, alright, you said, I don’t even need to have my own bike? And what about the bags?” –  “Build them yourself, I borrow you one and some of your stuff might get wet.” But well,… The pedalier will keep turning, the heart will keep beating, the hugs reassuring, the smiles uplifting your soul and blah, blah, blah.
Yes, also the blahblah is part of it. And even the the blahblah how we should blahblah. Others already learned from that, years ago, and invented the role of the facilitator. So we decided to stay here, no we go. But some people will stay nevertheless. We should do what has been decided. Well, we also are free to leave the group at will.
But the police will come and indeed they did. “Its alright, you can stay. We understand. We were just freaked out about the wild dogs and the exposed bodies.  At least don’t do that in front of the children. In the end, they might think this is cool and become useless hippies as you are.”
“Muchas Gracias. Buenas Nachos.”

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