Pre-Biketour: Berlin–Poznań–Warszawa

The 5th of June was the official start of the pre-Biketour in Berlin. Only 3 of us met (we expected much more) and joined the Fahrradsternfahrt, the biggest bicycle demonstration in the world, along with 140 000 other people. On 19 routes of around 1000 km in total, starting in different places around Berlin and all joining on the way to go to Brandenburger Tor in the centre, people are cycling in the whole city the whole day, including two of the city motorways.


Cycling on the Autobahn. Photo: Timor Kodal (via Radwelt Berlin)


Photo: Standardizer [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons



Outside of Berlin we quickly visited Kesselberg, a piece of forest outside of Berlin some people live in a self-organized and sustainable way in self-built trailers and structures.

Kesselberg. Photo:

Kesselberg. Photo:

We continued to cycle to Poznań without many stops. In Poznań we passed by Rozbrat, an old industrial complex squatted since 1994.

From Poznań we went on towards Warszawa. On the way, two people left, as they didn’t have more time, and the last one remaining successfully arrived in Warszawa for the beginning of the tour some days later.

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