On the long cycling days… you might find yourself talking about anything and everything with your companions for the day. One topic that came up was STUFF. some people seemed to have just 2 bike bags and nothing else, some people have entire trailers for their pet (see past posts with the dog!) whilst some people seemed to be balancing half a dozen stuff sacks on their racks (ahem.. me). A few of us made comparive lists of our personal equipment and decided to publish them – this could either be read as a packing list guide (or, what not to take!) or just a bit of snooping into what we decide to take with us – either way, enjoy!

As well as lists of what we have, we also talked about these questions and some of us answered them…

What do you have with you on an Ecotopia-Biketour?

What do you have with you, that you don”t need but still carry it around?

What would you like to have but you don’t?

What did you loose and found on the way?

What is out of trash?



1 black pannier, containing:

1 bumbag (out of trash, from a freeshop, had to fix it), containing:

1 half lithuanian book to draw inside (out of trash)

1 pen

1 knife (lost in Riga)

1 sheet of latvian stamps (left behind in Riga)

1 patch (recieved on sapfo-fest)

1 insurance for abroad

1 passport

1 pile of stickers

1 tiny notebook (out of trash)

2 plastic bags (out of trash)

1 wallet (out of trash), containing:

1 banc-card

1 drivers licence

1 insurance-card

1 expired student-card

1 bill of 100 belarussian rubels

2 bills of 20 Euro

1 bill of 5 euro

11 coins à 4,51 euro

1 coin of new belarussian rubel

1 plasitic bag of hygene, containing:

  • 1 toothbrush
  • 1 toothpaste (which charlie found in an evicted squat and gave it to me as I lost my old one)
1 huge dry sack, containing:

1 pair of shoes

1 sleeping bag

2 gloves (out of trash, made them on the botanigais festival)

1 matrasse

1 tent

1 pen

1 waterproof trousers

1 rainjacket

1 visitenkarte of crossover

1 handcarchief (out of trash)

1 little bit of toiletpaper in a plastic bag

3 pieces of paper notes

1 drawn map

1 film

1 filmbox

1 role of 100 rubel bills

2 pieces of cardboard

1 winnie the poo plate

1 plastic spoon (charlie gave it to me after I lost mine in Belarus, lost this one in Riga)

1 lithuanian centas (out of trash!)

1 FCK CRS sticker

2 drawings

8 bills of 100 belarussian rubels

2 biketour artifacts

1 broken bumbag (out of trash), containing:

1 watercontainer for painting

1 plastic zipper bag, containing:

  • 2 filmboxes containing black ink in different concentration

4,5 brushes

3 pens

1 tube of white acrylic paint

1 marker

1 thing to tighten strings (out of trash)

2 zippers (out of trash, Paulina gave them to me)

9 patches

1 green thread

1 sewing kit, containing:

  • 3 needles
  • 1 secure needle
  • 2 buttons
  • 1 thing to keep thread with black and brown thread

1 realistic concermate 200

1 bag of realistic concermate 200

1 bag of bags, containing:

  • 3 plastic bags (out of trash)

1 tiny wallet

1 head torch

1 phone charger

1 phone

1 spare inner tube

1 spare handlebar stam

1 zip tie

2 pieces of trash(thrown away after inventary)

1 button

1 bill of 50 euro

2 bags of tools (one in the other), containing:

1 role of green tape

1 piece for a hub dynamo (doesn’t fit on my bike, had to get another one)

1 spare bulp (out of my old broken light)

1 wire

1 tiny compass

1 screwdriver with exchangeable endbits (it even has a drill!)

1 chain-oil

1 cutter (almost broken)

1 cork

2 new bremsbelaege

1 sock to keep my lockpicking tools

  • 9 lockpicking tools (out of trash, the metal bit of windsreen wipers)

2 tire livers

2 spanners one 10/8 one 13/15

3 allen keys 4,5,6

1 bungee hook (out of trash)

1 string

1 repair kit

  • 1 bit of sandpaper
  • 1 glue
  • 3 bike patches

1 thing to hold the pump (the pump broke after kaunas, wasn’t ment to stay in the thing to hold the pump on my bike in the rain)

1 collection of zip ties (out of trash)

1 rag (out of trash)

1 red panier, containing

2 shorts

2 trousers

3 jumpers

1 scarf

4 shirts (lost one)

1 swimming shorts

1 suspenders

1 pair of wool socks (my grandmother made them, Voula fixed them)

1 joggers (got them 2nd hand in Kuldiga, as well as one of the jumpers)

1 longsleeve

1 underpants

1 bag of dirty clothes, containing

  • 3 dirty underpants
  • 2 dirty socks

1 bag of wet cloths, empty

1 oakleaf

7 socks

6 coins from poland

1 bike, containing:

1 jutesack

  • 1 jar of mustard
  • 1 jar of “eggplant”
  • 1 bunch of plastic bags (out of trash)

1 bungee (out of trash)

1 bungee made out of innertube and a hook of a broken bungee

1 innertube used to attach things to my front rack

1 water bottle (out of trash, former sirup-bottle)

1 cycling shirt

1 lock

1 key

1 pile of biketour-stickers

3 flyers of the biketour

2 pieces of trash

1 tent-string

1 zip tie

1 map of riga

1 flowerstick (out of trash, made it at the botanigais festival, the parts for the hands are missing…)

I am wearing:

1 pair of selfmade sandals (out of trash, soles found on the beach, strings provided by upcycling workshop)

1 underpants

1 schlabberhose

1 shirt


What do you have with you on an Ecotopia-Biketour?




P1050213 P1050211

What do you have with you, that you don”t need but still carry it around?

  • um.. everything multiple … like why did i somehow aquire 3 deodorant sticks… I’ve been using the same one for four months, I’m not sure where the others have come from! and cycle shorts, which turned out to be really uncomfortable, especially when it rains or when its sweaty. which is most of the time
  • the incomplete bean game set set…

What would you like to have but you don’t?

  • a bigger cooking pot.
  • But really.. I think I don’t need any more stuff

What did you loose and found on the way?

  • i aquired many clothes! i have extra tops and shorts!
  • i lose my waterproof trousers :(

What is out of trash?

  • think my bike last year was more interesting, because it was a combination of two abandoned bikes I found on the street, taking the working parts of both to build a bike that took me over 4000km. However this year, I bought a second hand frame and used the parts from last years bike, and added a wheel I found in the basement of a squat that was getting evicted in Switzerland.My brakes are also from the trash. In Copenhagen, abandoned bikes are collected together outside trains stations and marked with tape, presumably to be taken away and trashed? I rescued my brakes from one of these bikes to use for my bike.Sometimes, I work at festivals litter picking. I pick up trash, but also get to pick up the useful stuff left behind as well. Festivals are incredibly wasteful, and people seem to literally leave everything behind when the festival is over. Last year my tent was from festival waste. From all the stuff I have got from festivals, I have with me: a roll mat bag, an inflatable pillow, a gas cooker and cooking pot, a swiss army knife, some clothes, a smartphone, and a digital cameraMy sandals I also found in a discarded pile of clothes and shoes in the streets – I used them last year as well, and although finally this year I had to put some glue on them, I am still using them! – pretty good for something someone else decided no longer had use and discarded – I guess otherwise it probably would have gone into landfill.

What do you have with you on an Ecotopia-Biketour?

pannier bag 1:
– tool pouch containing: a puncture repair kit, chain breaker, spare inner tube, pump, adjustable spanner, a couple of those flat tools with different size spanners, toothbrush for various cleaning jobs, broken hair pin, screws, spare chain link, spoke key
– bag with clothes: 3 pairs of underwear, 3 pairs of socks, 1 bra, 1 pair of shorts, 1 skirt, 1 dress, 1 pair of long trousers, tights, 3 t-shirts, 2 shirts with long sleeves, 1 cardigan, 1 swim suit
– towel
– plastic bag with waterproof gear: light jacket, waterproof shoe covers
– spare time pouch: 2 pens, pocket size watercolour set with a tiny brush, dictaphone, hi-viz band for trouser leg, celotape, small glue stick, 10 hair pins, 2 rings phone charger and power bank, ecotopia stickers, 4 Aaa batteries, 2 cr2032 batteries, earplugs, microSD card adapter, a little thing that allows 2 pairs of earphones to be plugged in the same device :)

pannier bag 2:
– canvas bag with valuables: 1 e-reader,  oyster card holder serving as a wallet with bank card and id card, money, 2 notebooks,    toilet paper bits for blowing nose, a pen, small Bluetooth keyboard, an old pill container with birch tree sugar and cardamom, spork
– washbag: tweezers, scissors, a piece of biodegradable soap, a small bottle of shampoo and shower gel, toothpaste tablets, travel hairbrush, toothbrush, body lotion, a bottle of oregano oil
– first aid kit: some tampons, plasters, one painkiller, active coal pills, herbal pills for congested sinuses
– kitchen kit: plastic bag with food, eg. oats, snacks, hemp seed powder, knife, a tupperware with: a lighter, burner, can opener, salt, wild garlic (dry), a bottle of oil; small net bag with an aluminum pot with lid, inside it is a gas cartridge, and whatever fits in the  free space, usually herbal tea, a bag of buckwheat

60 L dry bag – sleeping system:
– tent
– sleeping mat
– sleeping bag
– woolen long-sleeved top and long johns
– warm socks
– woolen poncho that doubles up as a blanket
– emergency blanket for when I really can’t stand the cold
– helmet (sometimes not here but on my head)

Handlebar bag:
– sunglasses and sun screen
– smartphone
– hand sanitizer
– bike lights
– strange hi-viz stripe
– sponge for dish washing
– lipbalm
– electric tape
– snacks
– water bott

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