Biketour… in solidarity with refugees in Vienna!

In Vienna we were spolit for choice of contacts and collectivers to meet and network with, including visits to the Vienna Bike Kitchen, and meetings at the Café Gagarin, a collectively run and owned vegan-vegatarian restaurant, and space for, culture, music and politics. We were hosted there for two days and took full advantage of their newly co-funded professional kitchen. – Compared to cooking on rocket stoves and a head tourch…it was sheer luxury!

On tuesday we met with some of the orgainisers of the Vienna Refugee Protest Camp, who protest weekly outside the Pakistani Embassy and monastery where many seek refuge. In the after noon some of us attended the demonstration against the recent deportation of 12 refugees, who were wrongly accused of trafficking, whilst others spent some time looking over their bicycles, that were in need of some attention by now!



In the evening we held a public voku at the Gagarin, which provided a opportunity for networking with the many relevant colletives in Vienna, who we could not possibly have had time to meet otherwise during our short stay.

We also held several workshops st the Gagarin, including one on Internet Security, Biketour 2014, Action Samba, and Gender Roles on the Biketour and Beyond!:

Here are some more pictures from Tuesdays demonstration. You can read more about the asylum procedures in Austria from the Refugee Camp Vienna blogspot.

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