Can Piellaharvesting patatoes, a project the Ecotopia Biketour visited in july, is facing an eviction threat, we received this call out recently and would love to see you all supporting this great project that show an alternative path towards a more sustainable, autonomous and degrowth way to live in the land.

May we be able to drink Can Piella beer for many more years!


Can Piella wants to build and disseminate an alternative model of society, and contribute to realize social change that will lead to “a more altruistic, sustainable, ecological society with solidarity”

The project integrates both residents of the nearby towns, who wanted to work the land collectively, as well as collective critical thinking, research initiatives in alternative energy systems, and use by boy scouts, among others. All have found in Can Piella a space for reflection, debate and community work.

The house, despite being a historical and cultural heritage, was in ruins, after more than 10 years of neglect. This reveals the lack of projects of the property owners (Alcaraz a huge estate in Catalonia), who seem uninterested in preserving the property. Anyway, the Judicial Hearing of Cerdanyola del Valles has issued an eviction order for the country house of Can Piella from next October 15th. This measure aims to end the occupation of public land, which for three years has been carried out by associated neighbors.

They can not destroy the consciousmes created by this project.
They can not evict the need to share, versus compete.
They can not take away the desire to build a new society.
Neither the Earth nor hope, will ever be bricked up!

Can Piella is alive

+ Info: @CanPiella #CanpiellaVive #CovantAutonomia and


For us this is an opportunity to show that Can Piella is about all the people who came, participated, enjoyed, followed, enriched and believes in this project anf its ideas. We are planning a demonstration against the eviction on the 13th and an open meeting during 13-15 of October. So if you want to come you will be welcome for sure. In the next days we will concret more.

We need all the possible help right know. So, at the distance, if is not possible to came…

– You can sign in the petition to revoke the judicial decision.

– You can use Twitter giving support at @CanPiella #CanpiellaVive

– Any autonomous action that you can think of is welcomed!!

What is Can Piella?

Can Piella is an old house of the XVII century in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, which lands and properties were completly abandoned.

Aware of the mutlidimensional crisis society is in (ecological, social, econimical and political), in 2009, we decided to restore and recover the space to generate news and not so new ways of life and impact for a global change.

The project is based on the principal of alimentary and economical self-sufficiency, through the landwork, the bread, beer, honey and olive production, the life in community, the recuperation of old knowledge and the spread of autonomy and popular empowering ideas.

Why they want to evict Can Piella?

The house is propiety of a big company named Grupo Alcaraz. The property had the land completly abandoned, without intention to recover the historical and cultural heritage of the building.

After the first year of squatting the owner issued a complain to the people in the house, asking for their eviction.
The judicial process took almost two years, until now, their resolution has been in benefit of the private property and the land speculation.

During the judicial process we tried to contact with the property to achieve an use assignement trade, but the interest of Alcaraz is not to give life to the space, but maximize its economical benefits.

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