How do you share tasks (like cooking)?

Usually there is a rota, a plan that lists all the tasks that need to be done where people can sign themselves in. Most tasks last for one day and are done in small groups, although the exact details are decided by consensus on the actual tour. Signing up for a task is voluntary, so depending on your energy levels you can decide what and how much you want to do.

We have noticed in the past that people tend to sign up for the tasks that they feel most comfortable with, so people who enjoy cooking mostly signed up for the food team, people who are experienced in reading maps signed up for the route team, and people with strong legs signed up for pulling the trailers. Gender dynamics also played a role in this. The Biketour aims to be a place where people can grow and learn, so we try to create a space where people share their skills instead of displaying them and where it is not necessary that everything is always done in the most efficient way, so that people have the opportunity to become confident and experienced at tasks that they have no prior experience with.

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