what about ecotopia 2024??

hi everybody!
after we kept getting questions about when and where ecotopia will happen this year, we realised that this info isn’t very visibly online yet.
so here you go:
we are going to the baltics, starting in southern finland and possibly ending in poland.
so far we have fixed positive responses from a few projects but we’re actively working on it right now and we’re optimistic that there will be more answers soon!
this is our very rough plan so far (please do not book tickets based on this!):
  • towards end of june: starting in finland, possibly helsinki (or tallinn, which ain’t .fi ofc)
  • june/early/mid july: cycle in a little loop through s/w finland (helsinki, turku, tampere, helsinki)
  • take a ferry from helsinki to tallinn
  • mid/late july: cycle through estonia (probably 2 projects there, maybe visit some nature reserves?)
  • august: cycle through latvia (2-3 projects, cycle along the coast for a while?)
  • sept: cycle through lithuania (2-3 projects, maybe we can catch the sapfo festival?)
  • end september: cycle into poland and visit 1 last project there 


as you can see there are still some questionmarks and not everything is mapped out yet. we’ll keep you updated though.


we’re still grateful for any recommendations and contacts!
especially collectives that center on an antiracist approach or are built around the lives and realities of BBIPoC and migrantized communities. <3
also a reminder: the Orga is open to anyone, and you can still join whenever! even if you don’t ride this summer or if it’s your first time.
have a bicycle day!
– some orga people

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