Tour to Magari

Hello riders,

A few of us are embarking on a decentralized bike tour in France this summer! We will be meeting in Creuse on July 27th and explore some of the nearby regions (Creuse, Auvergne). The main part of the tour will last until the end of August. We are in the process of forming a group to start (or join) an intentional community, so this trip will be a way to look for places and opportunities and also to spend a lot of time together to discuss our common vision. This is not a replacement for Ecotopia but many of us have joined Ecotopia Biketour before and some of our experience from there might be applied in this tour. You can find more information on If you want to join us or you want more info, please contact us by email: magari (at) or by phone: +32 492888088 (Signal or Telegram).

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