Fourty vegans walk into a house full of skulls. No, this is not the beginning of a joke, it is simply what happened when the biketour entered a home that we had seen advertised on Helpx as a “vegan farm”. The place was pushing the definition of farm, as it was a long-neglected property with a few fruit trees on it, and really overhauling the definition of vegan, as the estate was full of horses and the house itself, full of skulls and animal skins.

It was sprinkling rain when we arrived and I rushed to push aside some horse shit so I could pitch my tent under a palm tree. Afterwards, we put a tarp up in between two buildings, we had quite a nice cool and cozy place to chop veggies and spend time with each other.

We have two full days where we have our normal circle meeting, windbow (the non-cis male group), saltamontes (male identifying people) and a variety of workshops including a one on how to use our questionably functioning bike blender, how to reduce plastic use by Carmen, an improvisational dance class by Melody held at night in a blissfully cool field and even more!

There is more cooking, relaxing and helping out with the space that is so generously loaned to us. Together in a group, of a dozen, move a broken down car. We move some dirt away from the house and use archaic scythes to remove brush around soon-to-be-ripe pear trees. There is no rain the next two days and I think I speak for everyone when I say it was a restful time.

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