My last couple of days on the Biketour

Sitting on a train to Porto, having nice views at the seaside, still remembering all the beautiful faces of people from Ecotopia.

The last couple of days at the tour felt truly special. We finally left the constant uphill side of Spain and continued to many amazing downhills. 15 km of wild downhill at the national road, coming to the biggest town I saw in two weeks. Babylon. Mordor full of people and buildings, so much activity going on. Feeling enthusiastic about so much life, after looking at chewing cows for days. Farms were exchanged for cafes and dumpsters full of food for us to take.

Tired and tanned bodies of the biketour people with bright smiles, cheering old people in the streets while we cycle in a group through the big city. Having ciders and silly laughter from spending too much time in the sun. The empowerment of cycling topless, support for sharing emotions and fears in group circles. A lot of talking and some work was done as well. Frustrations being cured by physical activity and seeing walls being constructed.

Dirty squat full of people dancing and some individuals screaming, proper Friday evening at an unexpected place. A constant flow of surreal situations. Seeing full moon coming up from behind the hill at hot springs as 30 naked people from all over the world keep soaking their bodies together in warm water.
Shark moves to get closer to cider. Spanish kids soaking with us until 2 am.

Many many many many beautiful sunset rides through various environments. Small streets, big streets, gravel, and national road. Downhills through such small villages that it almost felt like entering somebody’s living room. Grandmas, grandpas feeling shocked by the smell of youth in the air mixed with sweat and the most annoying flies ever.

Artist residency project with healing powers for a bit broken spirit of the ecotopians. Sitting around the fire with people that know how to sing and trying to eat -whatever it’s in the bowl- in the dark.
A lot of space and even more activities. Washing clothes cycling, showering!, shitting in dry toilets.

Hours of circles that are talking about intimacy and topics that people in the outside world are sometimes forgetting to talk about. Sharing a lot with these strangers that are somehow community and the only ones that we see and care about just now. Creating safe spaces and trying to behave as if we are making a better society.

Unexpected concert only for us and stars. Dancing and feeling exceptional with Björk-like sounds in the post-apocalyptic environment.
Dirty clothes that smell like fire.

These last days of Ecotopia biketour this year..
..felt like (traveling) magic,
and at the same time, it felt exactly how it should be (always).

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