From Roybon we had some nice and fast 20 kilometers of pure downhill until we reached the valley of the Isère again, and followed the bikepath along it and then along the Rhône to Valence. In Valence we had originally not planned to sleep, but some people had gotten in contact with the Poissons Rouges social and art space some days before, and they offered us to camp in their garden for a night.

Our main destination in Valence was to visit the Valence Atelier Libre, a self-organised workshop where they build wind turbines, organise workshops to learn how to fix cars, brew beer and do many other activities. We visited them in the evening and got an introduction to how to brew beer. They had different containers of beer that were at different stages of the brewing process and explained to us what are the steps in between them.

The late evening we spent hanging out with the people from Poissons Rouges. It was quite bad, the communication in our group had not worked very well and we didn’t really know what the place was and what we were doing there, and there were lots of drunk macho men shouting around and making really sexist and racist comments.

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