STRASBOURG “Le paradiet”

One more summer the Ecotopia Biketour is again on route. On the 28th of June the five of us met in a field at the end of a muddy road, to me it felt like a night like any other one,we were just some travellers gathering around the food and sharing stories.
The next morning we moved to a little and cozy terrain called ‘Le parediet’, which was the official meeting point. Once there, people slowly started to arrive and things somehow started to get done: thanks to the materials and tools from our host and the people in Maison Mimir we built our first Rocket Stove and that same night some of us went to dumpster dive lots of veggies, fruit and bread so we could have ours first communal dinner. In our time in Strasbourg we had some cirlcles to decide about the route and the rota. We also had time to visit a bike kitchen and even though it was raining we went to a lake to swim because we were all very stinky and smelly after those four days.

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