Le Pied de Nez

From Grenoble, we cycled on a beautiful bikepath through the mountains along the Isère river. At some point, we left the river to cycle into the mountains, through some tunnel, along another small river that came out of a steep canyon. We entered the Royans region and passed a very touristic small village.

Our destination for the day was Saint-Eulalie-en-Royans, where a collective of 8 people and some volunteers are running a bar called La Pied de Nez. It is very nice there, lot of beautiful landscapes around and this place has some cool events. They have a rented house + cafe place with a garden. Some people live in the house next to it, some commute.

There was a mini festival with a theatre performance, a concert and DJ music at the end. Beside the Biketour, there were people from the area, travellers, etc.

They have a membership system here for drinks, a free shop for clothes, a library, games, etc…

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