Ecotopia Biketour 2017 will start on Thursday, June 29 in Strasbourg, France, and will end in the beginning of October in Catalunya (close to Tarragona).

If you are planning to join us in Strasbourg, please, if you can, try to arrive on Thursday rather than another day. In the first days, we are making many decisions about how to organise ourselves during the tour, and it is the best to have as many people there during those days.

Here is a draft of the route. The information is being continuously added. Note that dates can still change!

Dates Place Activities
Thu June 29 until Mon July 3 (morning) Strasbourg, France Introduction discussions
Prepare our communal equipment (build a rocket stove, pack the trailers)
Fri July 7 to Mon July 10 (morning) Nancy, France Vélorution Universelle DIY bicycle festival
Mon July 10 (evening) to Sat July 15 (morning) Bure, France Visit the Stop Bure anti-nuclear protest movement
Wed July 19 (evening) to Sat July 23 (morning) Freiburg, Germany Visit the GartenCoop cooperative outside of Freiburg in Tunsel
Fri July 24 to Tue Aug 1 Switzerland (Basel, Bern, Lausanne, Genève) Visit different squats, a collective farm and a cultural center
Sun Aug 07 (evening) to Wed Aug 10 (morning) Roybon, France Visit the ZAD de Roybon anti-holiday-resort protest movement
Thu Aug 10 to Thu Aug 21 Ardèche/Cévennes regions, France Visit different communities, wild-camping and skill-sharing, meet with AlterTour
Tue Aug 25 (evening) to Sun Aug 30 (morning) Vabre, France Visit Rocalet / La Terre des Louves community
Mon Sep 07 (evening) to Fri Sep 11 (morning) Cerbère, Catalunya/France Visit Can Decreix community
Sep 11 to early Oct Catalunya/Spain (Barcelona) Visit different ecological farms and social centers from the slopes of Pyrenees to the coast of Tarragona

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