Ecotopia Biketour 2017 will start on Thursday, June 29 in Strasbourg, France, and will end in the beginning of October in Catalunya (close to Tarragona).

Here is a draft of the route. The information is being continuously added. Note that dates can still change slightly!


Dates Place
Thu June 29 until Mon July 3 (morning) Strasbourg
Fri July 7 to Mon July 10 (morning) Nancy
Mon July 10 (evening) to Sat July 15 (morning) Bure
Wed July 19 (evening) to Sat July 23 (morning) Freiburg
Thu July 27 (evening) to Sat July 29 (morning) Orbe
Sat July 29 (evening) to Tue Aug 1 (morning) Lausanne
Fri Aug 4 (evening) to Sun Aug 6 (evening) or Mon Aug 7 (morning) Grenoble
Sun Aug 07 (evening) to Wed Aug 10 (morning) Roybon
Fri Aug 11 Eurre–Saillans with AlterTour
Sun Aug 13 (evening) to Wed Aug 16 (morning) Recyclerie la Voulte
Fri Aug 18 (evening) to Mon Aug 21 (morning) La Vieille Valette
Fri Aug 25 (evening) to Wed Aug 30 (morning) Le Rocalet
Thu Sep 07 (evening) to Mon Sep 11 (morning) Can Decreix
Wed Sep 13 (evening) to Sat Sep 16 (morning) Pujarnol
Sat Sep 16 (evening) to Mon Sep 18 (morning) Ecovillage Amat
Mon Sep 18 (evening) to Wed Sep 20 (morning) Les Vinyes
Thu Sep 21 (evening) to Sat Sep 23 (morning) Can Tonal
Sat Sep 23 (evening) to Tue Sep 26 (morning) Barcelona (Can Masdeu)
Wed Sep 27 (evening) to Sat Sep 30 (morning) Can Biarlu
Sat Sep 30 (evening) to Tue Oct 03 Can Pipirimosca

Detailed schedule


If you are planning to join us in Strasbourg, if you can, please, try to arrive on Thursday rather than another day. In the first days, we are making many decisions about how to organise ourselves during the tour, and it is the best to have as many people there during those days.

Dates: arrival Thu June 29, departure Mon July 03 (morning)
Sleeping place: Le paradié, a field about 10 km west of Strasbourg. Address: Rue de Schlittweg, Breuschwickersheim (GPS: 48.5827,7.6049)

  • Build a rocket stove
  • Make basic decisions about how we want to organize ourselves
  • Get missing equipment and develop a system to pack the trailers

Directions: After exiting the train station in Strasbourg, you turn right (south) and follow Boulevard de Metz. After about 600 meters, on the big junction with the traffic light, you turn right onto the Boulevard de Koenigshoffen. After 300 meters, the road splits, and you take the left in direction of Koenigshoffen/Eckbolsheim. Now you follow the road for 2.5 km. When you see a Norma supermarket on the left, you turn left on the D45 towards Eckbolsheim-Centre. On this road you go now go straight for 7.5 km. You will leave Strasbourg and pass three villages on the way, Wolfisheim, Oberschaeffolsheim and Achenheim, and finally you will get to Breuschwickersheim. Follow the main road until you come to a junction in the village centre, and turn right on the D622 towards Ittenheim. After just 100 meters you turn the first one to the right again and immediately half-left onto Rue du Schlittweg. Follow it until the houses end and find us there.

Vélorution Universelle Nancy

Vélorution Universelle is a big DIY bike festival that happens every year in a different city in France.

Dates: arrival Thu July 6 (evening), departure Mon July 10 (morning)
Sleeping place: Stade Laurent Luzzi (disused football stadium) (GPS: 48.71358,6.1727). This is the official campsite for the Vélorution Universelle.

The activities will be happening in three places:


Anti-nuclear protest site, the “Wendland of France”.

Dates: arrival Mon July 10 (evening), departure Sat July 15 (morning)
Sleeping place: to be announced (approx. GPS: 48.5066,5.35824)


If you are planning to join us in Freiburg, if you can, please, try to arrive on Thursday between 13:00 and 15:00 at SUSI. We are expecting a lot of people to join in Freiburg and will rediscuss our self-organisation, so it would be cool if you could be part of that.

Dates: arrival Wed July 19 (evening) to Sat July 23 (morning)
Sleeping places: first night wild-camping around 20 km north-west of Freiburg (please contact us if you want to find us)
other nights at Gartencoop, CSA in Tunsel about 20 km south-west of Freiburg (Germanweg 8a, 79189 Tunsel, GPS: 47.9013,7.6682) (please don’t arrive there on your own before Thursday 18:00)

  • Meet on Thu July 20 at 13:00 at SUSI, self-organised house, Vaubanallee 2a (GPS: 47.9745,7.8282)
  • 13:30: Help delivering vegetables for Gartencoop
  • 15:00: Cycle to Gartencoop as a Critical Mass

Other activities:

  • Redecide and reintroduce the organisational structure, as a lot of people will join


Dates: arrival Tue July 25 (evening), departure Fri July 28 (morning) (can still change)
Sleeping place: None yet


Newly created collective farm

Dates: Arrival Sat July 29 (evening), departure Tue Aug 01 (morning) (can still change)
Address: to be announced


Details to be announced


Dates: arrival Fri Aug 04 (evening), departure Sun Aug 06 (morning)
Sleeping place: undecided

Zad de Roybon

Protest site against the construction of a holiday resort.

Dates: arrival Mon Aug 07 (evening), departure Thu Aug 10 (morning)
Address: exact sleeping place to be announced. The closest entrance to Roybon is at GPS: 45.2458,5.2335. A building called Maison Forestière de la Marquise (maybe an info centre?) is at GPS: 45.2376,5.2080. A map of the ZAD can be found on here.


A similar Biketour that is cycling in France every year since 2004. We join them on Thu Aug 10 at l’Oasis de Serendip in Eurre (GPS: 44.7601,4.9665) and join their programme (Thu, Fri) cycling via Autour du Cycle and l’Usine Vivante to Saillans (approx. GPS: 44.6975,5.1972, exact location to be announced).

Recyclerie la Voulte

Group of people collecting all kind of material and give it away against donations. Also have bikes to be repaired. Make bread, have a collective farm and sometimes organise events next to the river.

Dates: arrival Sun Aug 13 (evening), departure Wed Aug 16 (morning)
Address: La Voulte sur Rhône (GPS: 44.8171,4.7858)

La Vieille Valette

A collective living in an abandoned village since 1991 self-sufficiently, sharing money, equipment, food, resources, and being strongly focused on art and creativity.

Dates: arrival Fri Aug 18 (evening), departure Mon Aug 21 (morning)
Address: Robiac (approx. GPS: 44.2765,4.1001)


New community that is being set up. Organises an anarchist festival in the first week of August, which we unfortunately miss.

Dates: arrival Fri Aug 25 (evening), departure Wed Aug 30 (morning)
Address: Vabre (GPS: 43.6824,2.4110), road is not mapped and starts at GPS: 43.6810,2.4164

Can Decreix

Degrowth community

Dates: arrival Thu Sept 07 (evening), departure Mon Sept 11 (morning)
Address: Cerbéré (GPS: 42.4431,3.1618)


Dates: arrival Wed Sep 13 (evening), departure Sat Sep 16 (morning)
Details to be announced

Ecovillage Amat

Dates: arrival Sat Sep 16 (evening), departure Mon Sep 18 (morning)

Les Vinyes

Dates: arrival Mon Sep 18 (evening), departure Wed Sep 20 (morning)

Can Tonal de Vallbona
Dates: arrival Thu Sep 21 (evening), departure Sat Sep 23 (morning)
Address: to be announcedGPS: 41.6627,2.4007


Dates: arrival Sat Sep 23 (evening), departure Tue Sep 26 (morning)
Sleeping place: Can Masdeu, GPS: 41.4458,2.1575

Can Biarlu
arrival Wed Sep 27 (evening), departure Sat Sep 30 (morning)
Address: to be announced, GPS: 41.40797,1.37764

Can Pipirimosca
arrival Sat Sep 30 (evening), departure Tue Oct 03
Address: to be announced, GPS: 41.2907,1.2490


You can switch on and off marker types and routes you want to look at on the right side of the map. If you click on a marker or a line, it shows you more information like descriptions, contact-details and for routes the elevation profile. Because it’s openly published, this map is a non-editable version of the map.

For the projects we have in the map we created different marker types according to responses we get from them (e.g. positive, negative, or no interest from our side) and also according to what we can do (e.g. fix bikes, sleep, participate in events).

We have also differently coloured routes. The green one is a rough idea of the route we had after the spring meeting, the blue and red are suggested routes that we create to help us with a day-to-day route planning (these are being updated closer to the tour). The purple are other biketours which are taking place in our chosen region this year.

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