Wildcamping in Sweden – with hot showers and a sauna

On the way from Broddetorp to Loo Östang, the scouts had difficulties finding a good sleeping spot. In the end they chose a lawn next to a football pitch just outside a village. No one was around to ask whether it’s a good idea to camp there, and our Biketour experience tells us that wild-camping really close to a village without asking for permission is normally not a very good idea, and football pitches in particular are not the kind of places the most open to strangers, so we were already expecting that we would be told to leave the latest in the early morning.

In fact, it didn’t take half an hour until a car drove up with two people with angry faces inside. They didn’t speak English very well, but one of them explained to us that he used to be the trainer for the football club of the village. The reason why he had come by car was to ask us whether he should go get the key for the house from his friend, in order for us to be able to access the changing rooms and use the hot showers, the electric sauna, and the sockets! Once again, we were reminded that in Sweden some things are a bit different…

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  1. That place is obviously haunted. I can see a ghost on a bike in the picture. It even has a trailer. ^_^

    Apart from that, you are good at tempting people… I’d love to experience a cycle ride in Sweden.

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