We reach Göteborg

Göteborg offered us many different options P1050861 to fill our 3 day stay in this city. We started with a visit to Kompani 415 (http://kompani415.tumblr.com/) which is workspace for cultural and creative projects. Some of the people working there are writers, some people are making bamboo bikes, and many other different things. One of the projects happening there was preparing wood to build a geodesic dome, which some of the bike group helped with the cutting process.

We also gave another presentation about the biketour at the bike-friendly Llama Lloyd cafe (http://www.llamalloyd.se/) where we spoke to some people and gained another participant! The group then visited the Syndikalistiskt Forum cafe where they were serving cheap yummy food! (https://sv-se.facebook.com/syndikalistiskt.forum).There was also a ferry trip to one of the islands off the coast.

Some of the group also visited a community garden (http://tillsammansodlingen.omställning.net/) to see how they were running a community garden on one of their open garden workdays.

During one of the days, most of the group participated in a workshop on consensus and facilitation workshop. Consensus is the method that the biketour uses to make decisions. It is a process of making decisions that is an alternative to majority voting, but instead aims to make a decision that everyone agrees with, so involves looking at decisions carefully and making amendments so that the decision is agreeable to everyone. It is inclusive because everyone should be involved in the process and everyone has a chance to contribute to the discussion. The idea is that the decision at the end is better because all concerns have been discussed and better bonds are formed between the group because everyone is involved. We also discussed facilitation, which is the way meetings are organised. In the biketour, we have regular circle meetings and one person volunteers to facilitate the meeting. Their role is to make an agenda and take hands. We discussed that a good facilitator is aware of group dynamics, individuals privileges, and makes sure nobody interrupts and everyone can speak in turn. The workshop was really helpful and should make our meetings run better.

During our time in Göteborg, we also helped out at the bike kitchen P1050858(https://www.facebook.com/cykelkoket.gbg) on its 2 weekly opening days. The bike kitchen was wonderful! It was really popular with the local community, it was great to see so many people making use of a great resource, and they had many volunteers helping to make things run smoothly – it felt well organised and had a friendly open atmosphere. It had every tool imaginable, and a variety of used parts. One of the bike kitchen people also joined us for two days when we left Göteborg. We spent one afternoon sorting through the used inner tubes and patching the punctures!

After Göteborg, the bike tour turned inland, and it felt like we were always in the forest. Or if we weren’t in the forest, we were at a lake. The forest, then another lake.. and so on!

We cycled for two days before reaching our next destination – Uddebo


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