Links #2 – Vio.Me blockade, COP21, bicycle repair man

  • Vio.Me successfully blocked and postponed the auction where the factory is supposed to be sold. Vio.Me is a soap factory in Thessaloniki that was squatted by its workers in 2011 and has since been run as a cooperatively and democratically self-organised organic soap factory. We were there with the Biketour in 2014.
  • In Paris, the COP21 (the 21st Climate Change conference of the UN) has started. It will officially last until the 11th of December (but is expected to last longer, like the previous conferences). France already announced in the beginning of November to close its borders in prospect of hundreds of thousands of protesters against climate change and environmental destruction for the sake of capitalist profit. After the shootings and bombings in Paris on November 13, France declared a state of emergency for 3 months, meaning that anyone can be ordered without a trial to stay at home or out of a certain area (risking up to 3 years in prison and 45000 € in fine on violation), anyone’s home can be searched without a warrant, and anyone participating in a public gathering (anything starting from 2 people) can be put into prison for up to 6 months and risks a fine of up to 7500 €. Read the Climate Games’ statement on this. France is now using the state of emergency to repress activists and prevent protests. All demonstrations have been forbidden, 24 activists were put under house arrest in advance of the summit, activists’ homes are being searched, and since the first action on Saturday, the police have spent a lot of tear gas, grenades, batons and flashballs against the protesters, and arrested several hundred people. Rumors say they have run out of ammunition. Read live updates about the protests and get involved in the Climate Games, a big collective action of civil disobedience!
  • A group called Brandalism installed 600 fake advertisements in advance of the COP21 summit.
  • Bicycle repair man will also repair your bike!

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