Rosia Montana Solidarity Protest outside Romanian Embassy: Berlin


Earlier today protestors met outside the Romanian Embassy in Berlin in Solidarity of the Sunday protest in that have been gaining momentum in Romanian, and beyond since September. There were simultaneous protest all over Romania but also in Barcelona, Paris, and parts of South America.

After recently returning to Berlin from the Biketour, I took the opportunity to join the Berlin protest, that marched from the Embassy to Brandernberg Gate, chanting “United we Save Rosia Montana” and ‘Viva Revolution‘ in English and Romanian. There people lit candles, shouted popular RM slogans, and danced to live covers of adapted popular tunes, including a rendition of “Jonny Be Good”… “Go, go Rosia go go go… Go Rosia, Rosia Montana”…

Other banners and information called for:
– the Romanian parliament to reject the law that is expected to be voted next week
– the inclusion of Rosia Montana on the list of UNESCO candidates for patrimony
– that cynide mining will be forbidden in Romania and all over Europe. In Romania alone, 68 locations are in a similar danger as is Rosia Montana, according to Alburnus Maior,
– and the implementation of sustainable developmet programs in these areas, the protection of the environment and of the cultural patrimony.

United we will save Rosia Montana!


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