Melon melon! Sweet memories from the summer…

Here is the result of a few sessions joyfully reminiscing and picking my favourite few hundred photos (out of thousands) which were taken over our two and a half month journey. From my room here in Edinburgh the tales of adventure we had last summer seem a lot further away than I would like them to be, but seeing these has made them fresh again. Outside there is frost on the ground and it’s wonderful to be taken back to siesta times when it was so hot in the middle of the day that cycling was just not an option! Sometimes it’s hard to believe how much we did it one day; from the wake up call to porridge, figuring out the route, packing the trailers, tail leaving, finding food, cooking on the rocket stove (even when the perlite had made a bid for freedom), meeting incredible people, learning about projects, political debates, actions, consensus circles, putting up tents, putting down tents and yet still finding the time to cycle over 3000km. wow.

I’ve added our day-by-day diary to the first picture of each day so hopefully these slide shows will help you remember all the great places we visited and stories along the way, or help to give you a bit of context if you were not there. If you want to add anything then please feel free :-)

A barrel of thanks to; Kate, Agnes, Koen, Olek, Jenny, Lydia, João, Tina, Lindsay, Phil, Natasha, Milan and Eva and everyone else who took these beautiful pictures…I only took 5 over the whole summer!

I hope you enjoy them and may it spark you to get excited about this summer and the awesome stuff we will get up to. Bt 2013 is gonna be organised from Berlin but watch this space for more info…

Faces of Biketour 2012

Giant slideshow part one: From Barcelona to Lac du Sautet (Alps)

Giant slideshow part two: From Lac du Sautet to Venice

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