Ecotopia Biketour Beyond Borders Video

(Vimeo link)

Check out this beautiful video made during our kick off days in Berlin by the wonderful Claudia! …

Subtitles available in German / Untertitel jetzt auch auf Deutsch: Download here/hier!
(Video von vimeo runterladen und auf Computer speichern. Dasselbe mit der Untertitel-Datei. Video mit VLC-Player öffnen. Untertiteldatei auswählen. Abspielen!)


  1. I can’t see the video! I’m not sure if thats a problem everyone is happening, or because I’m not using the proprietary flash player. If it is the latter, I think we should try and find a solution that uses a free/libre video player instead.

  2. I like the video ! I’m happy to see your faces !
    but there haven’t been any new article on this blog since 12 days… what’s happening ? I miss you !

  3. Very inspiring and well shot video – you guys are simply amazing!!

  4. brings a smile a to my face! hope i get to see some of you lovely people again :)

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