Wintermeeting in Mainz

Next weekend from 6th to 7th of February at Mainz we are having a Biketour preparation winter meeting.

Laura, Moritz, Yolanda, Sapi, Milan… and I don’t how much people will gather there to start the preparation of this year Biketour 2010.

But more important is that those who will not be able to come give their ideas as the input for the brainstorming about many issues which are essential for the preparation of Biketour 2010.

So far we have received several messages from biketour veterans participants who are mainly on the list.

You can add information on the wiki web site, that you might find interesting for the planning of Biketour 2010:

Please get in contact with us to make the best Biketour ever and celebrate the 20th anniversary of traditional sustainable travel devoted to ecology and rising public awareness throughout Europe.

It is most likely that we will start the Tour from York/UK. Several other countries we could pass are in discussion (like France, Scotland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany). But nothing is attached yet and it also depends in which countries there are former participants who would like to organise actions and coordinate parts of the route. So if you could imagine to be part of the organisation please write back!

A place for sleeping, eating and meeting is arranged and there is a little bit left-over money from last years biketour for travelling expenses.

Best regards,

Milan Boric


  1. Hello,
    I took part in the bike tour 2004 in Holland and It was great. I konw that in the USA there is something similar but I don´t remember who organise this event. I´d like to go next summer there. Could you tell me who can I contact in the USA to get further information about it?
    Thanks a lot

  2. Hi Lorenzo,
    Dunno, we don’t have a partner or something overseas, but last year we were contacted by The Global Agents for Change ( They dont do exactly the same thing (at all, airplanes!!) but they maybe can help you more.
    AND of course “No club, no ngo, no political party. Just some people following an idea – since 1990! ” — the Ecotopia Biketour is wholly self organised, so why you just don’t go ahead, too?


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