Host us! (2013)

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Below is the latest Host Call Out (and a number of translations).

Please forward this to groups or projects you think may wish to collaborate with us this summer.

Ecotopia Biketour Call out for Hosts and collaborative Projects

>>>>>>>>>>>>Please forward this to projects that you think may be relevant.

Hello from Ecotopia Biketour!

We are a mobile D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) international activist collective, cycling from Berlin to Romania (or Croatia) connecting projects and communities that are practicing aspects of socail justice and sustainable living, and projects that are particularly relevant to this years theme of ‘Beyond Borders’.

Your project has been recommended to us throught our networks, as we gather more information for this summers Ecotopia Biketour 2013: Beyond Borders!

We are looking at issues ranging from global economic inequality; global justice; immigration; the commons; anti-capitalism; basic income; solidarity; but also general Biketour themes such as environmentalist; ecology and de-growth. Some of these themes are beginning to be discussed on our blog.

As a sub theme this year, we are also looking into freedom on the net — and trying to move towards more Free Libre and Open Source software -so if you know any activist tech collectives or net activists who migh be interested to do a workshop with us please also forward this to them. To read more about this you can see our Lets Get FLOSS’y page and sub campaigns page. [currently in English]

If you have never heard of us: please go to
We have to say «maybe» because our route will develop according to who else is willing to host us and other factors (such as distances, topography etc.). And depending on the response we get from YOU!!
So, first of all, we would like to know:

1) Would you generally like to host Ecotopia Biketour this summer?

What this could mean: We visit you with our mobile activist troop of 15 — 30 people

  • to learn more about your project – maybe through a tour, a discussion, a skills share workshop
  • to take part in an action with your cause / project – a critical mass, a creative demonstration or intervention…
  • to help towards your project – we are many hands! — we could help with practical hands on stuff – building projects, clearing spaces, gardening, food preparation, event planning, facilitation, bike workshops..
  • to promote your project or campaign through our online networks, website, mailing list, social media – and along the tour — if you want us to — or writing press releases, making a short video, designing a flyer…
  • to invite you to join us on our biketour!

We would also like to know:

2) When would be the best time (dates) for you to host us? When would it be completely impossible? 3) Is it o.k. to mention your project on our website and public route description? 4) Are there other projects you would recommend us visiting, in your area / country or in south / eastern Europe? 5) Is your project part of or close to an interesting route, trail or has ‘border’ related significance

6) Anything else that could be useful for us?

We have quite some ideas about places and events to visit already, which can be found on our Route Page — your project may already be included ;) — if not let us know. We cannot possibly visit everyone on this page -but are making a selection based on what we get in response from this email!!!!

And finally — if you, or someone you know could help us with translating our website and printed material — please ask them to get in touch and join our translation bank.

Thanks for now! Dzekuje, dakujem, kösönöm, danke, hvala & multumesc!

The Ecotopia Biketour Collective

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