Spring Meeting 13–15 May 2022

Our Spring Meeting will happen from Friday, 13 May until Sunday, 15 May in Leipzig, Germany.

In this meeting we want to make some final decisions about the route, start preparing the transportation of our equipment to the starting point, establish the communication and registration of participants and create and spread promotion material.

Anyone who is interested is welcome to join the meeting. The idea is to have discussions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is possible to arrive on Thursday evening and leave on Monday morning. Sleeping places will be organized, it will probably be needed to bring a sleeping bag and mat. If you want to join the meeting, please get in contact with us to learn about the exact location.

If you want to come to the meeting but cannot afford the journey, we can pay for your travel costs. In this case please get in contact with us.

There also is the possibility to join any discussions online. If you want to join some or all discussions, please let us know.

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