Call-out for projects (2022)

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Hello everyone! A routedecision has been made for next year’s biketour and we are really excited to announce it to you!

Ecotopia Biketour 2022 will start in the beginning of July in Amsterdam and will end in the end of September around Marseille in France. The exact Route the Biketour will pass is not 100% set yet and that’s where you are asked! For sure the Biketour will pass through the Netherlands, Germany and France, and might also go through Belgium and Luxembourg.

We are looking for projects and events that could host us and for local coordinators to help with planning the tour.

Ecotopia Biketour is a self-organized political bicycle tour that has been cycling through different parts of Europe each summer since 1990. The tour visits different groups, communities and projects which share our group values: ecological sustainability, anti-oppression, veganism, skill-sharing, multi-linguality, consensus-based decision making. We are interested to meet with local groups for a couple of hours to learn about their situation and activities, but also for larger places who can host us for a couple of days. For example we have visited alternative social centers and squats, cooperative farms, bike kitchens, anti-discrimination groups, self-sustainable communities, action camps and environmental campaigns.

A diverse, international group of around 15 to 50 people cycle with the Biketour each day. Our group usually sleep in tents and are happy to use outdoor spaces. We need access to water and electricity whilst visiting projects, which we can give a small donation for. We cook meals every day (with our own cooking equipment), which we are always happy to share with our hosts. We offer to help in the projects we visit by doing some work in return. Because we’re a mixed group of people, we have a wide range of skills and activities that we are happy to share with you. Whilst we are visiting projects we are interested in learning about them, helping out, sharing activities together and resting. We usually like to stay for anything between 1 and 5 nights.

If you know of any projects or events that you think would fit our needs and could potentially host 15–50 people from the Biketour in summer 2022 please let us know. To propose a project for the Biketour to stay at please send us an email to 2022 [at] ecotopiabiketour dot net with the Name of the project, what they’re doing, location and how to contact them.

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