Ecotopia Biketour 2021

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In the year 2021 we will be cycling in Czech republic, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.
We will start on the 9th of July in Prague with one-week of preparation camp and cycle south towards Linz to join the bike festival Cyclocamp (July 30 – August 8), then going east crisscrossing Danube towards Vienna. We will then continue south admiring the Alps, visiting Graz, Ljubljana, pass by Zagreb, eventually navigate westwards and cycle to the Adriatic for a final swim.

A day before or on the day you want to join, send a message to ⁨+43 660 9628049 or call (also with signal,telegram). Then we will see together where we can meet up best.


  • 09.-16. July Prague Ecotopia Camp: One week of getting to know each other, prepare the bikes,  building a rocketstove and much more, we will be spending the time in the local bike kitchen and an alternative social centre
  • 16.-17. July Noutonice close to Prague
  • 24.-28. July Farm Collective in Zwettl in northern Austria
  • 30. July-08. August Cyclocamp in Linz/Ottensheim in central Austria (
  • 13. August- 16. August Climate Festival Nobau in Lobau in Vienna: Event for fighting the building project of a new highway who is threatening a national reserve. It will be at There will be Workshops, Presentations and Concerts
  • 23. – 30. August Farm Collective in Welten, close to Graz, southern Austria
  • 1. – 4. September Farm Collective in Deutschlandsberg, close to Graz, southern Austria
  • Middle of September Maribor and Ljubljana
  • End of September Zagreb to the sea

For a very rough route idea you can check out this link.

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