Route (2022)

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This is the planned route for 2022. The later parts of the route are not confirmed yet and can still move by a few days.

Date Place Notes
3 July
until 8 July (morning)
Nieuwland Amsterdam (map)
LGBTQIA + FLINTA (non-mixed, without hetero cis men)
10 July (evening)
until 13 July (morning)
Ppauw (map)
15 July (evening)
until 19 July (morning)
Lützerath (map)
51.0585,6.4286 (approximate)
21 July (evening)
until 23 July (morning)
Rest day
approximate location: border between Luxembourg/Belgium/Germany
24 July (evening) Trier: Besch bleibt
25 July
until 27 July (morning)
Trier: Besch bleibt
1 Aug (evening)
until 4 Aug (morning)
Ecologis Strasbourg (map)
5 Aug (evening)
until 8 Aug (morning)
Radlager Freiburg (map)
8 Aug (afternoon)
until 9 Aug (morning)
GartenCoop (map)
10 Aug (evening)
until 13 Aug (morning)
Le Labo M (map)
15 Aug (evening)
until 18 Aug (morning)
± 3 days
23 Aug (evening)
until 27 Aug (morning)
± 7 days
29 Aug (evening)
until 2 Sept (morning)
± 7 days
Mid September Marseille
Garden of a squat, contact us for details
End September Mediterranean Coast

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