Route plan (2019)

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We will be cycling in Scotland, Ireland and Wales from the end of June until the end of September. We will start on the 26th of June in Edinburgh and then cycle north in the Highlands coming back south through Glasgow (end of July) and then towards a ferry to Ireland. There we will continue from Belfast following the Wild Atlantic Way and then turn inland to Dublin (beginning of September). We will cross the sea again to Wales and cycle there finally reaching Cardiff/Bristol.

You can reach us on the way by calling our communal numbers: +4915784844802 (international) or +447761361138 (UK).

Don’t forget to register, if you are planning to join the biketour!

We are splitting the route into 5 segments so that a smaller group of people can plan each segment:

  1. Starting in Scotland on June 26 – Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness, (possibly Fort William), Faslane Peace Camp
  2. Arriving on July 25 (latest) in Glasgow, going down to the ferry in Stranraer (Galloway)
  3. Starting in Ireland in mid-August from Belfast, northern Ireland, Wild Atlantic Way
  4. Continuing in Ireland until mid-September: central/southern Ireland, ending in Dublin
  5. Starting in Wales from Caergybi/Holyhead in the second half of September and ending in Cardiff/Bristol

The route plan in detail:

June 26-July 1: Starting of the tour, Edinburgh plan

July 2-July 4: Meadowsweet Organics Farm, Falkland

July 7-July 9: Beannachar Camphill Community, Aberdeen

July 13-July 15 (approx.): Inverness

July 21-July 25 (approx.): Faslane Peace Camp

July 25-July 29: Plan for Glasgow

July 31-Aug 4/5: Talamh Housing Co-op, Lanark

The route and the times are approximate and can change by some days and km.

If you need any more detailed information about where we will be on a specific day, better contact us and we will do our best to make an approximation.

More information will be added soon!

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