Visa Information for Non-EU Citizens (2019)

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This information doesn’t apply for the EU citizens/EU-passport holders which don’t need a visa to enter these countries.

The Republic of Ireland:

  • Passport required (not only ID card)
  • Sometimes you need a visa for Northern Ireland but not for the Republic of Ireland (as it’s not part of the UK)
  • Single journey: 60€ (+ possible communication fees)
  • Multiple journeys: 100€ (+ possible communication fees)
  • No refund offered in case the application gets rejected
  • ‘C’ type of visa max. 90 days ‘D’ type of visa more possible
  • The Immigration Officer at the port of entry will decide your length of stay by stamping your passport; which will reflect the purpose of your journey and the amount of time you are allowed to stay in the State.
  • The validity period shown on your visa indicates the dates between which you must travel to Ireland. These dates are NOT the dates between which you’re permitted to remain in Ireland.

The UK (including Northern Ireland):

  • It’s called “Standard Visitor visa”
  • It takes three weeks until your application gets answered and you have to apply not earlier than three month before visit
  • A Standard Visitor visa costs £95.
  • It usually lasts for six months
  • Better to double check it and/or ask in your embassy
  • To be checked: Are people allowed to leave and return the UK with that visa?

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