Spring Meeting (2018)

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Our Spring Meeting will happen from Thursday, the 19th of April to Monday, the 23rd of April, in San Sebastián / Donostia in Northern Spain. We will arrive on Thursday, have discussions from Friday to Sunday and leave on Monday. There might be the option to stay longer, but this is not confirmed yet.

The meeting will take place in the squatted factory Fires (see map below). We will prepare our meals together and pay for them using Biketour money. There is also the option to refund some of your travel cost to and from the meeting, but please get in contact with us about this in advance. We will camp in the garden of the house, so you will need to bring camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, mat). Some people might have leftover tents or spaces in their tent, so if you need one, get in touch with us. We expect the temperatures in the night to be around 10–15° C, and there could be heavy rain.

We are planning to discuss about the following topics, among others:

  • Come up with a detailed route plan, so where/when we start/end and which projects we visit on what days
  • Discuss whether the tour should have a theme
  • Discuss “safer space, queer and anti-oppression” on the biketour
  • Prepare different booklets about the route, food, awareness, …
  • Promote the Biketour through different channels
  • Apply for funding
  • Feedback from the working group trying to create a spark-free sustainable cooking system
  • Status of the task to get/build a 4th trailer

La Fires – Añorga Hiribidea 23 – Donostia

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