Out of Belarus: Rest days on the lake

Apparently leaving Belarus is easier than entering – a quick passport check (we’re not even sure that our registration stamps on our migrations cards were checked in the end!) and a cycle though the checkpoints without even any questions about the dog in the trailer! After a day of continuous rain, the sun was out as we crossed the border in Lithuania, in greeting to the wet cyclists.

We cycled a short distance from the border, and found beautiful lake. Due to a shorter visa for Belarus, we had a couple of days to spare before our next appointments, so we set up camp at the lake for the next two days. We started an interesting discussion about gender; in general about gender being a social construct, and also about how gender influences the biketour. Unfortunately a huge storm with flashing lightening and 5-minute-long rolling thunder put an end to the discussion on that evening but we will continue another time.

The next day we spent playing some group games, and in the evening we were invited by a local person to use their amazing sauna.

Close by, an “archeological site” was marked on the map. When we went there to find out what it was, we found the foundation of an old house so full of trash that you couldn’t see anything else.

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