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If you would like to join the Biketour this year, please register below! We need the registration to get an overview about how many people we will be so we can inform our hosts, to get an idea of the skills and experiences we will have as a group – and to make it easier for people to join us at different stages of our journey. It would, however, be helpful for us if you registered as early as possible.

It is also useful for the group feeling on the biketour, because everyone will have read the participation guidelines (see the link below) and have a rough idea of the values that the biketour has, and how we organise.

Please read the pages on our website, particularly the pages in bold below before you register. The Biketour is the exact opposite of an all inclusive flight to the beach so – here is how to get prepared!

If you need help getting a bike you can find information here and sign up so we organise to pass on bikes between the people:

If you want to organise to travel together with people, feel free to write your name and contact details and where you are travelling from here:


    Registration form (2024):

    Name *:

    Email *:

    This email address will be automatically added to the biketourparticipants2024 mailing list, and also the general Biketour mailing list, where we make announcements a few times per year (you can unsubscribe any time).

    Matrix ID or Signal ID:

    If you provide this, we will add you to our Matrix/Signal chat room where you can get in contact with the preparation group and other participants. We are having problems with Matrix, therefore we recommend SIGNAL, especially as zou do not need to share your phonenumber anymore

    Home Base

    Where are you currently based?


    If you will take (a) phone(s) with you, you can let us know your number(s). It can be helpful when joining the biketour. (Submit the number in the "international" +XX format!)

    I want to join at a specific DATE:

    or PLACE:

    If you have time constraints and want to join us on a specific day, even if we don’t know yet exactly where we will be, please let us know.
    If you want to join in a specific place (for example because you live there), even if we don’t know yet when exactly we will be there, type it in here.

    I want to leave at a specific DATE:

    or PLACE:


    I have READ the participation guidelines and agree with them! I understand that the Biketour is a place that wants to fight against all kinds of oppression. *
    I understand that the first 3 weeks of the Biketour are for QINTAW only (non-mixed, without hetero cis men) *

    Please answer the following questions to help us getting an overview over the resources that will be available on the tour.

    I've participated on past edition(s) of Ecotopia BiketourI'm interested in organising something for this year's Biketour!

    Get yourself informed on the principles of the biketour before commiting to join!


    I need help finding a bike that I can use for the BiketourI need help organizing my visas/medical insuranceI need help organizing my travel/bike transportI will come with a child/childrenI will come with a pet/pets
    I need help with

    Travel refund:

    I need financial support to pay for my travel to and from the Biketour

    We have limited resources to refund travel costs for people who cannot pay for their travel due to their social/economical situation. Note that we are not refunding plane tickets.

    Visa refund:

    I need financial support to pay for my visa to join the Biketour

    We have limited resources to refund visa for people who cannot pay for their visa due to their social/economical situation.

    Emergency contact

    Very important in case of an emergency! Please give at least one contact to be informed in case of problems (name, address, phone number and relation with you).

    Health issues

    Please let us know about your use of medicines, allergies, chronic diseases & dietary requirements for cases of emergency (e.g. hospitalisation).

    Do you have any skills that you could to make a workshop about during the tour?

    I can offer the following skills, experiences or inputs (e.g. for workshops, the daily life of the group, networking with locals, doing actions, etc.); I have the following vocational training / education (e.g. bike technician, carpenter, medic, etc.):

    Language skills

    I can communicate in the following languages:

    How did you hear about the Biketour?

    Anything else you would like to tell us now?

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