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Hey Biketour Compas !!

Here are a few updates:::::::::>>>>>>>>>>

1) Route update…

2) Funding Update

3) Calling all translators

4) Call for Artists & poets

5) About this list and other ways to get involved!

Contact: info[at]

Please feel free to forward this email to others you think may be interested.



Route update:

A few concrete things are:

  • Will begin in (or near to) Berlin!
  • Our kick off days are likely to be the weekend of the 12th July
  • We will pass through Vienna in late July / early August
  • The route could then EITHER curve slightly west from Vienna to the adriatic coast […] OR curve east to Romania
  • Something like: Berlin / German Polish Border / Czech republic / Vienna / Slovakia Hungary Border / Hungary / Novi Sad / Serbia / Romania
  • We are trying to incorporate a little bit of the Danube and the Iron Curtain Trial

We are still open for suggestions of groups, projects, actions and communities to join, that are related in some way to this years theme of ‘Borders’, ‘Global Justice’, ‘ or just a really amazing place/project that could do with a hand or we could offer relevant skills share…

Check out the Route page of the wiki for projects that we are already aware of….or at least the public ones ;) ….we obviously cannot possible visit them all – but still wanted to share this resource… made by you!

For more sensitive suggestions please email us and state if you would prefer them to be kept off the wiki / website / public map, and out of the web.

If you would like to help with the route planning get in touch!



Funding Update

Unfortunately – due to unforeseen circumstances – we did not get the funding we were banking on for this year, leaving the coordination crew…that’s us… slightly more panicked than before ;)

If you think you can help with writing funding applications, or buy holding a soli-party in your area – please check out this page:



Call for Translators!!:

We need translators for our website, flyers and printed materials for the countries we are passing though or near including:::::

German / Polish / Czech / Slovak / Hungarian / Serbian / Croatian / Slovene / Romanian / Bulgarian / Romani and also French / Spanish / Portuguese / Catalan / Italian … or any other local language you can translate!!

Please contact us if you might be able to help with future translations!!!

Or you can keep an eye on this page:



Call for Artists & poets

We are always looking for illustrators or graphic artists that can design us some flyers or illustrations for the website pages, booklets, stickers, logos… preferably using Free Libre Open Source Software

We also need slogans for this year. Other than the “theme” (i.e. “borders”), the slogans should be a short and catchy sentence, expressing something positive and active (e.g. “Cycling for change”). We can use all your creativity on our publications, paint them on banners, etc. There can be different slogans in different languages, too!

See our wiki pages fro some inspiration:  and send ideas to info[at]


5) Other ways to get involved:

Two of us are currently based in Berlin, if you are in Berlin and could help with the organising in some way – do get in touch!

We also hope to organise regular open meetings that you could attend to find out more or maybe see you at this Friday’s Critical Mass! (20:00, Heineplatz, Berlin).

For other ideas of ways to get involved look here:


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