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One of the tools of the biketour to create awareness on environmental and social issues is through media, as a group of cycling internationals has the ability to attract attention! So we often give interviews, make performances or join actions to point out relevant issues. If you are a journalist looking to contact us, please email info[at]

Below you find a small sample of past press coverage, unfortunately a lot is lost over the years.

2017: Vélo Anarchademy

Press coverage from 2015



Press coverage from 2014: Bottom up: Sovereignty vs. Exploitation

  • Naturefriends Greece wrote a blogpost about Ecotopia Biketour in Greek and English on 26 June 2014 to promote this year’s tour
  • We met many great people from Adelante Social Centre in Sofia, a couple of them did an interview and wrote it up in the DIY Conspiracy Zine.
  • On the Belgian website Goud:Eerlijk? there is an article about Ecotopia Biketour 2014 and the anti-gold mining struggle in Halkidiki in English.
  • A friend who visited in Thessaloniki wrote an article in the Austrian student union paper ‘Progress’, in both online and print version in German language. The article can also be found on TermiTinitus, where there additionally is a podcast to listen to the interview. All in German as well.
  • Christina who participated at 2014 Ecotopia Biketour wrote an article about her experiences in Greek. Parallaxi Magazine
  • Building a DIY Rocket Stove With Ecotopia Biketour

Press coverage from 2012: Towards Degrowth

Earlier years….

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