Art Centre Slovenia…hey ho!

Art Centre Slovenia, a former Border Guard House, was another gem in our trip so far…nestled somewhere between the hills and fruit trees in a secluded part on the border of west Slovenia. We spent three glorious days here helping on the project, learning about the local struggle to keep the project from the eager grips of the municipalities, sampled the local produce from pumpkin seed oil to home grown vegetables from the centre and of course the local ale around the fire. We also had time for some of our own workshops:

Most of the help needed was preparing and restocking the wood shed for the coming winter, where we performed any lively human chains. There was also help needed preparing the second phase of the straw bale house, that will host artists in residence.

In the evenings we shared songs around the fire and a presentation from the centre who sucessfully avoided eviction in 2006 with a huge legal battle about ownership rights and accusations of being too contemporary for Slovenia!

The ‘Village Green’: the place where you can sign up top daily tasks and find out what you need to know…

Some rest after shifting a years supply of fire wood…

Here is a write up with beautiful photo displays from the centre about our visit on their mini blog:

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