Local biketours (2020)

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We are not going to do the international 2020 edition of Ecotopia Biketour, but still we want to support local initiatives. So here is a communally collected list of biketours happening this summer in different regions/countries. If you want a biketour to be listed here, send us a link!

AlterTour (France): from the 8th of July till the 23rd of August

Magari (Creuse, Auvergne, France): from the 27th of July until the end of August

Magari is an internationally formed group of people (some who have been a part of ecotopia collective at various points) who want to build an intentional land community somewhere in the region of southern France, north of Italy or Spain and Portugal. Check the page to read the common vision and find more details about the tour.

Time for Pusteblume (Thuringia, Saxony, Germany): camp August 1-14, karawane August 15-October 1

We are building up an art/skill-sharing camp (playground, performance stage and interactive exchange…) which will later travel as a caravan.

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