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Ecotopia Biketour is not a trip to the beach! Every year, we visit places where we can learn things, help out, support actions or share our skills. All these projects are suggested by the wide Biketour network –  by YOU!

We are looking to visit projects, join up with grassroots campaigns, NGOs and social movements and communities relevant to structural (economic/political) or personal (e.g. poverty as a result of austerity) crises and how people are finding creative solutions to coping with its effects or fighting against it. We will also revisit themes that we have seen in previous biketours such as ‘degrowth’, public debt, austerity, economic refugees, minorities and solidarity.

Ecotopia Biketour 2017 has not been decided yet- Where we head to will depend on projects and opportunities we find to visit – and this all depends on the ideas that come from all of you.

Can you recommend any places / people / communities / projects / activists around the area that we should visit to learn from, take part in actions or to lend a hand in some way? If you can’t, but you know someone who can, perhaps someone living in this part of Europe, please do ask them to share information with us so that we can consider their ideas, along with all of the other options.

Please send any info/ideas to 2016 at ecotopiabiketour dot net or use the contact form.

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