Route (2021)

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This year will be even more self-organized so the projects on the way will have to be planned on the tour as we cycle! We will keep you updated with the news on this page.

Toreach us on the road call or message us on: +420728859242 (also on signal,telegram)

    • 09.-16. July: Prague Ecotopia Camp: One week of getting to know each other, prepare the bikes, building a rocketstove and much more, we will be spending the time in the local bike kitchen and an alternative social centre
    • 16.-17. July: Farm Collective in Noutonice close to Prague
    • 24.-28. July: Farm Collective in Zwettl in northern Austria
    • 30. July-08. August: Cyclocamp in Linz/Ottensheim in central Austria. We are joining the critical mass on the 30th that is goining from Linz to Ottensheim. (
    • 13.-15. August: Climate Camp Nobau in Lobau close to Vienna: Camp against the unneccesary building project of a new highway which is threatening a national reserve next to Danube
    • 23.-25. August: Farm Collective in Würflach, south of Vienna
    • 27.-31. August: Farm Collective in Welten, close to Graz, southern Austria
    • 1.-4. September: Farm Collective in Deutschlandsberg, close to Graz, southern Austria
    • Middle of September: Maribor and Ljubljana
    • End of September: Zagreb to the sea

Check the rough route from the Spring Meeting in the map below.

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